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Machine Learning Engineer

Newport News, VA · Information Technology
  • Compensation: $90-120,000
  • Comprehensive Benefit and Retirement Programs. 
  • In this role, you will be responsible for developing real time and post processing algorithms and related software used to analyze machine data for failure prediction of electrical and mechanical equipment used on large mining haul trucks

Machine Learning Engineer is required to play a vital role to develops and implements algorithms and related software to analyze and predict system / component health, machine performance, and application metrics for large mining haul trucks, for one of our best clients in Newport News, VA. In this role you will be responsible for developing real-time and post-processing algorithms and related software used to analyze machine data for failure prediction of electrical and mechanical equipment used on large mining haul trucks. If you think you have all the qualities states above, then you are a suitable candidate for this position.

Responsibilities of the Machine Learning Engineer:

  • Responsible for developing real-time and post-processing algorithms and related software used to analyze machine data for failure prediction of electrical and mechanical equipment used on large mining haul trucks
  • Required to develop algorithms and related software used to analyze machine performance, efficiency, and application metrics
  • Ability to analyze machine process data sets using deep learning techniques to discover potential algorithms
  • Must ensure software development process compliance to internal standards
  • Examine software structure to ensure the stable operating system
  • Will be responsible for creating documentation to describe software design
  • Coordinate with other groups (Mechanical, Electrical, Software, Hydraulic, etc.) to create specifications that outline software functions
  • Examine and finalize alternative software programming tools and languages
  • Responsible for requirement management process and infrastructure
  • Will have to work independently and as a team member with other engineers, designers, and production personnel or on ad hoc projects
  • Take part in Engineering Development Program


Who Will Be a Great Fit?  
  • Must have the ability to apply deep learning skills for developing neural networks, application of artificial intelligence (AI) and other techniques to derive algorithms
  • Knowledge to model and simulate systems to test algorithms for suitability
  • Knowledge of a broad set of algorithms and applied math
  • Must have knowledge of Big Data techniques and tools
  • Must have the experience of high level software languages (e.g. Java, C/C++, etc.)
  • Must know of scripting languages (e.g. MATLAB, Python, Bash, etc.)
  • Required knowledge of simulation tools and model-based design (e.g. Simulink)
  • The ability of unit testing and software validation techniques
  • Possess knowledge of application lifecycle management tools (e.g. DOORS, PTC Integrity, TFS)
  • Knowledge of source control systems (e.g. Git, Subversion)
  • Ability to work with software configuration management processes and workflows preferred but not required
  • Preferred knowledge of software development standards/guidelines (e.g. CMMI).
  • Knowledge of heavy machinery or automotive is a plus
  • Must possess the ability to write specifications that describe software function
  • Prior experience to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance manuals, and procedure manuals, software specifications
  • Worked with Agile and Waterfall software development lifecycles and V-model methodology and their required workflows and tools


General Competencies of the Machine Learning Engineer:

  • Safety: Promotes an incident-free environment by complying with all company safety policies and procedures and participating in company safety training.
  • Communication: Organizes and expresses ideas and information clearly, using appropriate and efficient methods of conveying the information.
  • Self-Development & Initiative: Identifies personal strengths and weaknesses, and targets areas for self-development. Participates in educational opportunities. Works towards mastering tasks by developing new skills or enhancing existing skills. Look for opportunities to take on more responsibility.
  • Task Achievement: Takes a proactive approach to anticipate and prevent problems. Breaks down problems and issues into components, and analyzes the costs, benefits, opportunities, and risks associated with each alternative solution. Works independently and in team settings to solve problems.
  • Dependability & Flexibility: Can be relied upon to handle a fair workload, meet deadlines and commitments, and accept responsibility for actions. Demonstrates an ability to work independently. Handles changes and responds to setbacks with minimal disruption.
  • Implementing New Technologies, Processes or Methods: Evaluate and integrate new technologies, processes or methods into the workplace.
  • Managing Multiple Priorities: Handles multiple assignments and priorities, while fulfilling all commitments. Accepts new responsibilities and adapts to changes in procedures.
  • Quality of Work: Demonstrates accuracy and quality in the quantity of work produced. Ensures that quality standards are met and all procedures are followed. Takes steps to correct mistakes and improve the overall product.

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Brian Hughes
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